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  • Libz Announce Deregistration
    03 February 2014

    Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today confirmed that the Electoral Commission had last week deregistered the party at its own request. “Senior party members had been discussing for several months how we might get more bang for our buck, and it was decided … Read more

  • Libz Prepare To Incinerate Census Papers
    18 February 2013

    Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today urged anyone who objects to the coercive nature of the five-yearly census to destroy their papers. “Members of my party up and down New Zealand will be burning, shredding, defacing or ignoring the documents … Read more

  • Libz Ambivalent on Nude Jogging High Court Ruling
    02 December 2012

    Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath welcomes the High Court decision vindicating nude jogger Andrew Pointon. “Andrew has hailed this as a victory for libertarians, and I agree. This opens the door for increased freedom of speech and expression, as guaranteed in … Read more

  • Libz Offer Mixed Response To Salvation Army’s Tax Proposals
    26 November 2012

    Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath applauded the suggestion by Salvation Army spokesman Campbell Roberts that taxes for lower incomes be abolished. “Our policy at the last election was to make the first $50,000 of income tax-free, thus easing the burden … Read more

  • Libertarianz Want Income Tax Reprieve in Christchurch
    26 November 2012

    In response to New Zealand First’s call for a rent freeze in Christchurch to help low income families, Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath says the last thing Christchurch needs is more government interference. “The Christchurch recovery continues at a snail’s pace … Read more

  • Green Economics Laughable, Dangerous
    08 October 2012

    “The Green Party’s call for the government to print money, hiding behind the term ‘Quantitative Easing’, would be laughable were it not so dangerous,” declared Luke Howison, Libertarianz Finance Spokesman, today. “Artificially expanding the money supply decreases the value of … Read more

  • Welcoming Dick Quax to Liberty Conference
    04 October 2012

    Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath is delighted to welcome Auckland City Councillor Dick Quax as a feature speaker at Liberty Conference this Saturday in Auckland. “Mr. Quax is one of the few individuals on Auckland City Council who resist total socialist … Read more

  • Anti-Business Council Shows Auckland Needs a New Party!
    03 October 2012

    “AV World owner Paul Halliwell’s struggle with council bureaucrats over signage on his business demonstrates quite aptly the need for a new political party in local body politics,” said Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath, three days before the party holds Liberty … Read more

  • Huge Line Up of Speakers at Liberty Conference 2012
    12 September 2012

    Libertarianz President Shane Pleasance today released the line up of feature speakers for Liberty Conference 2012, being held at Crowne Plaza Hotel on Albert Street, Auckland, October 6. Mr. Pleasance said today, “Our fantastic feature of Conference speakers guarantees that … Read more

  • Racist Slurs Reflect Harawira’s Mindset
    10 September 2012

    Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today defended the right of Hone Harawira to refer to National Party MPs with Maori ancestry as “house niggers”. “Mr Harawira is entitled to call any person whatever he likes, provided he doesn’t defame or … Read more