A Party of Principle…

08 April 2003 03:00:34

Around the world, freedom is what the ‘have-nots’ have not got!  Libertarians understand that freedom is indivisable: that personal freedom is not possible without economic freedom, nor can economic freedom be purchased at the price of personal freedom.

The flip side of freedom is responsibility!  Only through personal responsibility can individuals learn and mature, and society as a whole be made more prosperous and secure.

We may not always approve of the choices some people make, but libertarians defend their right to make those choices – just as long as they bear responsibility for them.

“My freedom ends where your nose begins!”  Good law protects me from you and you from me – it defends property rights and upholds contracts. Bad law violates them. Libertarians stand for clear, objective law before which all people are held to be accountable.

We mean what we say!  We will never misrepresent our policies to buy votes, nor bribe voters with tax dollars stolen from others.  In parliament, Libertarianz will oppose coercive law, and support any measure that increases freedom without introducing new coercion.