Libertarianz is like no other Political Party

31 December 1969 19:00:00

For too long New Zealanders’ have been given a ‘Clayton’s Choice’ as far as political parties are concerned.  There has never been a party consistently promoting a free society – one that would put paid to bloated government bureaucracy and is authoritarian inclinations. We’ve had conservative parties, liberal parties, socialist parties, religious parties, women’s parties, Maori parties, green parties and even pot – smoking parties.  There has never been a libertarian party –  until now.

Libertarianz is the first and only political party in New Zealand to have an explicit individualistic philosophy.  We are committed to shrinking the power and influence of government in every area of our lives.  We are building a party witha solid philosophical foundation, committed to the concept of a free society witha free market economy.

If you are serious about shrinking the size of government, and you want to ensure the success of a political party that truly stands for freedom, then we need your support – now!  We offer you a unique opportunity to influence the future political direction of our nation.  Join us, and let’s make history together!

Ian Fraser – Founder of Libertarianz, 1995