Racist Slurs Reflect Harawira’s Mindset

10 September 2012 14:48:58

Libertarianz Party leader Richard McGrath today defended the right of Hone Harawira to refer to National Party MPs with Maori ancestry as “house niggers”.

“Mr Harawira is entitled to call any person whatever he likes, provided he doesn’t defame or attempt to coerce anyone by doing so,” McGrath said.

“I think his choice of words might cause offence to some listeners – however, despite what the Race Relations Commissar and others might think, there is no inherent right to sail through life and never be offended by what others say.”

“My party doesn’t have much time for Mr Harawira and the Mana Party’s race-based policies. Nor do we have time for anyone who tries to limit free speech.”

“Whether someone is a coon – or for that matter a curry-muncher, a cheeky darkie, a guinea greaseball, wetback, a Christ-killing hymie, a spook, spearchucker, camel jockey, raghead or tar baby, a thick lipped jungle bunny, redneck, kaffir, sand-nigger or cheese-eating surrender monkey – is unrelated to their capacity for rational thought and their moral compass.”

“My own political party is infested with bog-trotting, green-nigger, coal-cracker, pot-licker potato-breath Fenians – we have a Fitzpatrick, an O’Brien, a Murphy and of course McGrath. Not to mention the thistle-arsed haggis-munching pipe-blowing porridge-wog libertarians such as Cresswell, Wilson and Howison.”

“However, my party does not regard accidents of birth as sufficient grounds to deprive someone of their liberty – or, for that matter, to provide them with unearned wealth stripped from others. So John Key needs to tell his ‘house niggers’, and Hone Harawira his ‘homeboys’, that claims to special ownership of water over and above those available to all New Zealanders, and based on racial ancestry, have about as much validity as me suggesting that a leprechaun caused the recent eruption of Mt Tongariro.”

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