Candidate 2011

Reagan Cutting
Wellington Central

Reagan Cutting, 19, lives in Wellington and is a student at Victoria University, studying Chemistry and Geography. In the 2011 general election he is standing in the Wellington Central electorate, and on the party list.

“The welfare system in New Zealand simply doesn’t work. Billions are poured into welfare suburbs, with the only result being that those whom the money was intended to benefit become trapped by it. They have been made dependant on the system, and are all but incapable of leaving it behind them, not helped by laws that limit employment opportunities for them.

“In order to help these people in a real way, not just a handout one, we need to open up opportunities by ridding ourselves of employment and wage laws, and stop creating barriers to progress by doing silly things like raising the minimum wage, and stop regulating financial markets and the economy. Free-market capitalism is the only system that ensures real growth and prosperity, without limitation and without false or government facilitated economics.

“In order to help people from welfare into jobs we need to slash taxes and let people take responsibility for their own money and lives in order for them to create wealth and lives that they can live for themselves, and not be dependant on a handout.

“New Zealanders need to be free of the burden of tax and repression of freedom that big-government imposes. Libertarianz is the only party that truly believes that New Zealanders are capable and competent enough to manage themselves, and trusts communities to help one another in hard times, without being forced to. I’m chuffed to be a part of the Libertarianz, and I just hope one day we can have a real nation of freedom and cooperation.”