Red Zone Becomes Much Redder

20 September 2011 15:04:45

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath condemns Phil Goff’s ill-thought-out and hastily concocted bribe to sway Christchurch voters to vote for his party in November. In a move that Robert Mugabe would applaud, Labour seems intent on confiscating land for a price it would fix, so it can then ration and allocate this land to people hand-picked by the Labour Party. Presumably being a friend of Labour will put you at the top of the list.

“For those fortunate enough to gain from this largesse, they will be able to on-sell at a profit. Labour continues to show why it should stay in opposition. With no understanding of basic economics, Labour wants to continue to create distortions that act to disadvantage the people they claim to be trying to help.”

“The Libertarianz Party, on the other hand, would make the earthquake affected areas of Christchurch free enterprise zones – abolishing income tax and GST for residents and businesses, and suspending building and zoning regulations. This would allow the people of Christchurch to rebuild their broken city rapidly and without political interference.”

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