Ridicule and Denigrate Parliament… Before It’s Too Late!

27 June 2007 12:01:00

“Members of the media who use images of Parliament in session to embarrass MPs will now be guilty of contempt of Parliament,” fumes Bernard Darnton, leader of the Libertarianz Party. “This is a completely unacceptable breach of media freedom. What next, a ban on cartoons which embarrass MPs? Editorials? Letters to the Editor?”

“The transparency of democracy demands that members of the press and public alike should be able to witness Parliament in session and record it for posterity,” explains Darnton. “If Members of Parliament act childishly in a way that lends itself to ridicule, then the public has an absolute right to know. In fact, it may become impossible to film some politicians at all!”

“It is surprising to see the Green party backing these restrictions on free speech, given Sue Kedgeley’s wise remarks that ‘without freedom of speech in our Parliament, we would not have a functioning democracy’.”

“Add to this the chilling effect of the threat of jail terms for making fun of Parliament. One is reminded of China or Soviet Russia,” Darnton said. “The new rules forbid the media from using images of Parliament in session for ‘satire, ridicule or denigration’. Yet with this attack on freedom of expression, Parliament is worthy only of ridicule and denigration.”


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