Robber Retard Robson

03 June 2003 12:50:53

Paid Parental Leave

“Matt Robson can be very proud of himself – he has been instrumental in increasing the tax burden of the productive due to others’ choices to have babies”, said Libertarianz Spokesman Russell Watkins.

“Paid Parental Leave is the idea that because some people want to have children, everyone else has to pay. The spurious argument given by communists like Robson and Harre is that people can’t afford to have unpaid time off to have children, and it is therefore their right to have others foot the bill,” an outraged Watkins added.

Watkins concludes, “I want to clear a few things up for these political parasites: 1. Having children is a choice, and the responsibility for the upkeep of the child rests with the parents – there is no such thing as a ‘right’ to sponge off others.

2. Because people have their arses taxed off them – half their income – both prospective parents have to work for just one income. If this weren’t the case, parents would be better able to afford time off, but would also be able to make a choice as to whether one of them would forgo a wage and stay at home to rear their children.

3. People who have chosen not to have children should not to have to pay for those who have.

4. Each parent that has raised their own children without receiving the robbed loot of others should not have to make forced sacrifices in their own children’s well-being to pay for the choices of complete strangers.

5. Robson, Anderton et al are thieves, who like many other political charlatans can look forward to facing a Truth Commission to whom they will have the opportunity to confess their current crimes.”

Russell Watkins Ph: (07) 544 -6486