Robinson? Who ya’ gonna call? – sadly it’s still the taxi

12 May 2005 10:12:00


Two years ago—well before the scandalous failure of the 111 system that let down Iraena Asher and Peter Bentley so badly—Libertarianz Law & Order spokesman Robert Palmer pointed out the decline in the service of the Police emergency response service. “Since then higher government priorities such as re-painting cars in the “Hawkins” colour scheme and in-depth training of ticket issuers has taken management resources away from rectifying this problem, resulting in the collapse of public confidence in the 111 system we see today,” says Palmer.

The release today of the “Communications Centres Review Report” is a damning indictment of Police management and the command structure currently in use through out the country. “Why,” asks an incredulous Palmer, “if we desperately need an extra layer of management with civilian input to run the communications centres, should this not be applied across the Police force? We are expected to believe that the same Police management that cannot run a call centre should retain our confidence to run the whole force—yeah right!”

“That the minister has not demanded the Commissioner’s resignation—that the opposition parties are stuck on their lack-of-funding message—that there is the bizarre call from the Police association for more funding for “P” enforcement—indicates that citizens will not be well served by any of these self-interested groups. Remember too who it was that first set police on their path as ticket-issuers and revenue-collectors—former National Police Minister Tony Ryall, that’s who.”

Says Palmer, “The change must start at the top: A government with any balls will refocus Police on protecting the public. Full stop.”

No more reports. No more fudging and ducking. No more passing the buck. Just protection, and accountability.

It’s Enough to Make You Vote Libertarianz!

Reference: “Communications Centres Review Report” 11th May 2005.

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