Ryall Fiddles, While Doctors Burn Taxpayer Dollars

20 January 2009 08:50:00

Libertarianz leader and health spokesman Richard McGrath today
flagellated health minister Tony Ryall for his government’s failure to
snuff out taxpayer handouts to traditional Maori healers.

“This two million dollars a year was a blatant election bribe by the
Labour Party. It failed, and Mr Ryall should put an end to it
forthwith,” said the Masterton GP.

“He should also remove subsidies on all other forms of health care,
including conventional Western medical treatment, because this funding
comes from taxation. And what is taxation, after all, but a form of
slavery whereby the people who create wealth are slaves to those who
would like to use that wealth for their own ends.”

“It is irrelevant whether Maori healers use methods which are
scientifically based,” added Dr McGrath. “The greater issue is whether
New Zealanders have sovereignty over themselves and the wealth they
accumulate. Mr Ryall’s administration, like the one before it, seems
to have little respect for property rights and believe people’s assets
can be redistributed on the basis of political expediency.”

“The Libertarianz Party believes the government’s role is to uphold
and defend individual rights,” Dr McGrath said. “There is no such
thing as a right to receive subsidised health care at someone else’s
expense, because that violates the rights of that someone else to be
secure in their personal property.”

“If people want to engage the services of traditional Maori healers,
then let them – there should be freedom to choose. But the government
should not favour one type of health provider over another. And New
Zealanders should not have to endure a grossly underperforming
socialised system of medical care when a free market health system,
including Maori practitioners, could deliver services more cheaply and
efficiently – and without having to rob Peter to pay for Paul.”

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