Save BZP Petition: Parliament, 12 Noon

14 June 2007 02:25:00

A petition calling for the party pill drug BZP to remain legal will be presented to Parliament today, Thursday 14 June, at noon. Heather Roy will receive the petition, which has been signed by approximately 2000 New Zealanders, from Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman Dr. Richard Goode.

“This joint Libertarianz / ACT on Campus petition calls on the New Zealand House of Representatives not to ban or further restrict the sale of benzylpiperazine (BZP) and BZP-based party pills,” said Dr. Goode today.

“One in five New Zealanders has used BZP and they do it because they enjoy it. Banning BZP will deprive these people of a pleasurable, legal pastime,” explained Dr. Goode, himself an occasional user of BZP ‘party pills’. “Compared to other legal drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco and datura, BZP is a relatively sensible choice.”

“Jumped up politicians like Jim Anderton and National’s Jacqui Dean are simple killjoys motivated by the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be having fun. They don’t understand that what adults put into their own bodies is their own business – and no-one else’s.”

“The presentation of the Save BZP Petition will send a clear message to politicians: stop taking our freedoms, and stop treating us like children!”

Dr. Goode can be contacted for interviews on 021 340 057.


For more information contact:

Dr. Richard Goode
Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman
Phone 021 340 057
Email: [email protected]

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