Scalpers Should Be Applauded Not Persecuted

15 September 2007 11:50:00

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath today launched a broadside at organisers of the Wellington Sevens rugby tournament, suggesting they “mind their own business and leave those people wishing to on-sell tickets alone.”

“The persecution of so-called ticket scalpers is a shameful attack on free trade,” he said. “People should be allowed to exchange commodities as they wish, provided both parties to any sale are willing participants.”

“TradeMe and other online auction sites should have had the balls to tell the Sevens organisers to leave their customers alone.”

“The result of this is that fewer tickets will be available for sale online, and it will be more difficult for rugby fans to obtain seats at the Sevens, thanks to the envy-ridden mentality of the event organisers.”


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