Sean Fitzpatrick to Stand in Mana By-Election

18 October 2010 10:42:00

Leading local martial arts instructor and school owner Sean Fitzpatrick is to stand in the Mana by-election for the Libertarianz Party.

“The Libertarianz Party has an optimistic and positive view of the people of Mana,” Fitzpatrick says. “They are hard working, generous and independent – the kind of folk all Kiwis pride themselves in being.”

Fitzpatrick continues, “This is in sharp contrast to the negative view from the other parties, especially Labour, who treat them as incompetent serfs to be guided and goaded, and furthermore take their electoral support for granted.”

“This election is a chance for the good people of Mana to start taking control of their own lives by voting Libertarianz,” Fitzpatrick concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Sean Fitzpatrick
Libertarianz Deputy Leader
Phone: 021 1699 281
Email: [email protected]

Libertarianz: More Freedom, Less Government