Send Clark To Workers’ Paradise

24 December 2008 08:50:00

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath today suggested that John Key offer Helen Clark a diplomatic post in a country where, he says, “socialism has made everyone equally poor, as it always does.”

“I nominate Helen Clark for a job in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” he said. “There, she can witness first hand a country run along totalitarian lines by a nuclear renegade and sponsor of terrorism – a slave pen for its 23 million people, with prison labour camps, torture, mass starvation, state-sanctioned rape and murder, medical experimentation and forced abortions.”

“It is salutary to note that North Korea has started installing its own version of the Berlin Wall on its border with China, to stop its citizens escaping to relative freedom,” McGrath added. “Let’s just remember that it was Phil Goff who established diplomatic relations with these monsters in 2001, and his administration sent four million dollars to help Kim Jong-Il cling onto power.”

“Helen Clark, according to online government archives, attended at least six international socialist conferences between 1976 and 1991, and should really be seen as an expert on the system that destroys incentive, ruins economies and violates basic human rights,” said Dr McGrath. “Five years as a diplomat in North Korea would allow her to see how efficiently and completely her beloved political system can lay waste to a country.”

Dr McGrath described the Libertarianz Party as the antithesis of the Workers’ Party of Korea. “We aim to minimise the footprint of government, whereas Kim Jong-Il wants the North Korean dictatorship to completely control every facet of a person’s existence.”

“Unlike the Kim dynasty – and the New Zealand Labour Party – my party does not have a grand vision to impose on people by force. A Libertarianz government would let New Zealanders set their own goals, realize their own dreams, and work and travel freely, as long as they didn’t harm others.”

“We challenge Helen Clark to take up the next vacant diplomatic post in North Korea, so that she can see the cold, hard reality of her cherished socialist fantasies.”

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