Shane Pleasance

Shane Pleasance
Invercargill Candidate

Husband, father of two, experienced business owner, company director, registered nurse, drug & alcohol worker, manager & leader, this is the second time Shane Pleasance is standing for the Invercargill electorate under the Libertarianz banner.

“By now you must have noticed that Governments of any hue simply cannot do any of the things they promise – whether you agree with their ideals or not.

Stop believing that they will.

Have a go at taking responsibility back.

The role of the government is to protect your rights to life and lawfully obtained property. This means law & order, justice and defence.

Make New Zealand wealthy and compassionate again – not by voting to make the government do your bidding by force at everyones expense – that is immoral and cowardly – but by voting for a party totally focussed on allowing you to make decisions for yourself. You are then free to live your life as you choose – to support causes you feel passionate about – or not.

Freedom is not licence. You must respect those same rights in others.

The moral future is neither left nor right-wing.

New Zealand should be first again.

A vote for Libertarianz is a vote for yourself.

Lets make Invercargill the great place we know it can be.”

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Shane Pleasance
Phone: 027 589 9921
Email: [email protected]