Shop-owners have the right to self-defence

10 June 2008 22:01:00



Self Defence

Shop-owners have the right to self-defence

The tragic death of Navtej Singh in an aggravated robbery in a Manurewa liquor store has prompted members of the Sikh community to declare that they no longer have confidence in the Police to protect them.

They are absolutely right, says Libertarianz firearms spokesman Peter Linton. “The Police have shown that they are unable to protect shopkeepers, or even arrive at the scene within 40 minutes in this case. Shop-owners, and every other New Zealander, must be allowed to use reasonable force to protect themselves, their families and their property.”

“Labour MP George Hawkins has suggested that the liquor store brought this tragedy upon itself, stating that ‘alcohol at the corner dairy, in the shops along the road…it’s everywhere and it does cause a number of crimes to be committed.’ Hawkins here is simply blaming the victim and attempting to pass the buck on Labour’s failure to protect citizens.”

“Police should stop bringing punitive cases against people who defend themselves from violent criminals, and a range of self-defence tools should be available to ordinary New Zealanders. Libertarianz would make tasers, pepper spray, batons and concealed handguns legal. This would go a long way towards making shopkeepers, pedestrians and other people who live in vulnerable communities safer.”


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