Signs of Awakening Freedom

01 June 2005 14:52:00


Following a recent survey by the Maxim Institute showing most parents agree that education decisions should sit with teachers and parents, Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Education Deregulation says, “This comes as no surprise and should be a warning to all political parties.”

“This is the only thing that we can thank the Minister of Education for,” says Osborne. “Since first coming into power, Comrade Mallard has systematically removed the rights of parents and teachers to choose how their children may be educated. Instead, he has centralised the whole system, assuring that he and his army of bureaucrats will make those decisions for us. This complete smothering of freedom has forced people to think about alternatives. Parents and teachers have been forced to watch in frustration while their children under-achieve, knowing that they are not allowed to do anything about it. People are finally wising up – you can only fool them for so long.”

Osborne continues, “I am astounded that people have allowed things to deteriorate this far. There should have been riots in the streets years ago. It seems that even still, the most important lesson has not been driven home. Most people still think that government should oversee the education sector, little realising that this ideology will only see things eventually go full circle back to where we are now.”

Osborne asks, “Is it that parents still believe that the state is wiser than they are when it comes to the education of their own children? Is it that teachers don’t have the confidence in their own expertise to decide how education should be administered? I don’t think so.” He says, “This whole ideology is based on fear. Too many parents and teachers are too scared to grasp freedom in its entirety and they are too scared to undertake the responsibility that this entails. Instead they choose the illusory safety net of the state. Their excuse for this is that others couldn’t handle freedom. Well, knock yourselves out.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz understand that the prerequisite for freedom is the will and desire from the people to achieve this. It is not going to happen while people cling to the idea of a safety net that does not exist. They are only incarcerating themselves and their children for which they can expect no thanks in the future. Governments do not want people to be free. This is why all other political parties will not relinquish control of the education sector. Ignorance and fear will forever keep the state sovereign. Hopefully the tide is now turning.”

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”

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