Smoking Publican has Libz Xmas Sympathy

18 December 2005 14:18:00

Property Rights and Smoking

Freedom lovers throughout New Zealand are mourning the guilty verdict at Geoff Mulvihill’s trial, in which the Timaru publican was found guilty of allowing people to smoke in his pub. “A further destruction of property rights” is how Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton described the verdict from the Timaru District Court.

“We really must not forget who owns this hotel,” says Darnton. “Not Helen Clark’s interfering Nanny State Socialist government, but Mr Mulvihill. It is a simple question of property rights. This pub is private property, and permission or denial of permission to smoke on that private property should rest with the owner, not on an edict issued from Helengrad.”

“Libertarianz calls on all Members of the House who purport to support freedom, to campaign against the mis-named ‘Smokefree’ Act, and to return private property rights, and freedom of choice, to the owners. It is a crime to use the word ‘free’ to describe an Act as intrusive as this. Our sympathy is with Mr Mulvihill,” concludes Darnton

Bernard Darnton
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