State Radio Insults Political Party

01 November 2008 17:01:00

Following distribution of the Libertarianz broadcasting policy on Friday, Radio New Zealand Political Editor Liz Banas went bananas and responded with the view that the Libertarianz are “nutbars”.

Libertarianz Leader and Wellington Central candidate Bernard Darnton threw a real nutbar at the radio when he read her comments. “This is outrageous and unacceptable for someone who is meant to be working for me and all other taxpayers. It shows the absolute fraud that is the ‘independence and impartiality’ of state radio, which is only interested in respecting the view that it continue to suck on the state tit, whether people listen to it or not.”

“Banas is entitled to her personal opinion, but it is unacceptable for a broadcaster we are all forced to pay for to have a political editor who isn’t willing to treat all political parties in an independent, impartial and balanced way.”

“What other political parties does Liz Banas dismiss as nutbars? How does that influence her editorial decisions about who to interview, what policies to profile and the time given to different politicians?”

“All parties other than Labour ought to be concerned when a week away from the election, it is clear the RNZ political editor isn’t afraid to let her political views get in the way of her job.”

Darnton reiterated that a vote for Libertarianz is a vote to privatise Radio NZ by giving away shares to the general public, and cease taxpayer funding. “I shouldn’t have to pay Liz Banas to insult my political views. A vote for any of the other parties would appear to be a vote for biased state radio”.

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