Stick a Tennis Ball in it David

12 February 2007 01:25:00

“David Benson-Pope’s trumpeting of low unemployment rates is ill-conceived tripe and the so called 3.7% unemployed in New Zealand can owe their thanks to Labour’s suffocating interference in the private sector,” says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Welfare Spokesman.

“If, for arguments sake, the figures are to be trusted at all, Benson-Pope would be advised to stick a tennis ball into his trumpet as it is not he nor his government who create work and prosperity; it is employers in the private sector who do.”

Osborne continued, “Labour’s ploy to inflate the government sector serves only to further burden every taxpayer, including industry in New Zealand. However this serves their purposes by making the figures look good, and the larger army of bureaucrats broadens the state’s ability to stick their tentacles deeper into the lives of the productive”.

“Libertarianz would slash taxes and regulations to the bone. This will allow employers to hire staff without fear of being whacked by the big stick of Nanny State. We would also remove all barriers that currently inhibit individuals from starting or expanding their own businesses,” Osborne concludes. “With business set free, long-term unemployment will disappear completely and opportunities for every New Zealander to prosper will become a very real possibility.

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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