Stolen Billions

16 May 2003 03:50:04

Law & Order

Government ‘revenue’ is projected to increase 30% from 1998 to 2004 according to the 2003 budget figures released by Treasury. However, notes Libertarianz Law & Order Spokesman Robert Palmer, “spending as a percentage of the total Government expenditure is still below 1998 levels. “Whilst many of Labour’s social engineering projects continue to record huge increases in funding, the clear demand of 92% of the population for the restoration of law & order to the streets of New Zealand continues to be ignored,” he says. “Instead, we get quotas.”

“This budget reveals that the Cullen/Clark Government have no intention of adequately funding a response to one of the few high growth industries left in New Zealand – crime. Says Palmer: “While Parliament devises ever more creative ways of turning law-abiding citizens into law-breakers, it is clear that criminals should not be concerned by what we see of the Cullen budget; for criminals of all stripes it will be business as usual.”

Palmer confirms “Libertarianz would strike down the many victimless crime laws on the books; remove all the busy-body nannying legislation so beloved of social engineers and control freaks; and let our law enforcement people return to crime-fighting, rather than acting as pencil-pushing revenue-collectors for Dr Cullen.”


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