Stop Buggering About, Dump the NZQA and The Ministry

05 August 2005 12:35:00


“What a waste of space the State Services Commission is. The findings in its report on the education sector are not telling the public anything they didn’t already know. What is surprising though is the public’s lame acceptance of the status quo. New Zealanders need to snap out of it fast. Things are not going to improve while the state is in charge.” This was from Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today.

“The days of centrally controlled, tax-funded education are numbered. Politicians and bureaucrats are too inflexible, too constrained by their own stunted ideology and are too incompetent to keep up with the rest of the real world. The tragedy is the major burden that they have placed on all of us to carry this rort.”

He says, “The demand for education will always be extremely high. This would soon silence those doubters who think that the education sector would not exist without the state. Quite the opposite; without the constant meddling and interference from government and its cumbersome bureaucracy, education would flourish and even expand into areas yet unheard of.”

Osborne concludes, “Instead of buggering about trying to fix the unfixable, Libertarianz will close down the Ministry of Education, the NZQA and all the other tax-fed quangos that have stuffed the education industry, and give the schools back to those who use them. Under a completely free educational market, the NCEA would be dead in the water, as educators, parents and students would reject it in favour of far superior and understandable alternatives. As long as politicians are the power brokers of the knowledge industry, ignorance and absurdity will forever prevail; eject these deluded dimwits and let the age of knowledge begin.”

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