Stop The Undignified Lolly Scramble

05 November 2008 12:50:00

“Healthcare is far too important to be left in government hands,” declared Libertarianz health spokesman and Masterton GP Richard McGrath today, as he reiterated the principles behind, and details of, his party’s health policies.

The principles upon which all Libertarianz policy is founded are:

  • Economic and personal freedom
  • Individual responsibility
  • Tolerance of other people’s life choices
  • Protection of people’s equal rights by the government

The core tenets of Libertarianz health policy are:

  • Distributing shares in state-owned health facilities to the communities that use them
  • Tax relief – making the first $50k of earnings tax-free for 5 years, with no income tax thereafter – so that New Zealanders can purchase health insurance or make other arrangements for the costs of their health care
  • Establishment of medical savings accounts, with gradual phasing out of automatic funding over 5 years
  • Allowing private competitors to ACC and other state monopolies in the health bureaucracy to establish themselves in the marketplace, thus putting downward pressure on prices
  • Abolition of statutory bodies such as the Medical Council, to be replaced by consumer groups more in-tune with the concerns of health service consumers
  • Phased removal of subsidies from health care, in order to establish a level playing field for providers of alternative therapies

“The onus for arranging health care rests primarily with individuals,” said Dr McGrath. “People need to take charge of their lives, instead of abdicating this responsibility to scumbag politicians. If a person is unable to fund health care for themselves, their family should be next to step up to the plate – as well as friends, iwi, employers, trade unions, ethnic communities, friendly societies or other charitable groups.”

“No New Zealander is an atom existing in blissful isolation from the rest of the community,” added Dr McGrath. “The vast majority of us know a wide circle of people who we can assist in times of need, and in turn ask for assistance when we need it.”

“Libertarianz is different from the Nanny State parties. We reject emphatically the socialist tradition of governments forcing their citizens to bankroll politically-driven lolly scrambles – where certain favoured groups receive services at the expense of others.”

It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz!”


For more information contact:

Dr Richard McGrath

Libertarianz Spokesman for the Deregulation of Health

MB ChB DipObst PGCertTravMed

Phone: 027 322 2907

Email: [email protected]

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