Stop Throwing Money At Wobble-bottoms and Rich Doctors

23 May 2006 08:09:00

Health Deregulation

Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Richard McGrath today flayed Michael Cullen for subsidising fat people and children with rotten teeth, and for showering doctors with corporate welfare in last week’s divvie-up of stolen wealth.

“As usual, his Budget was packed full of bribes for the Labour Party faithful,” said Dr McGrath. “76 million dollars of other people’s money will be redistributed to the overweight, who funnily enough tend to originate from the traditionally Labour-voting lower socio-economic groups.

“While I applaud the recognition that obesity puts an individual at high risk of chronic disease, and that oral care is important for children, it is not the government’s job to loot the paypackets of workers and the fruits of their savings and investments in order to subsidise the health care of these people.

“As Marie Cunningham from Grey Power said today, people need to take more responsibility for their own health. Michael Cullen would have been better giving all New Zealanders a tax break and then encouraging them to purchase private medical and dental insurance with their refunded money.

“It’s also time to stop the obscene welfare payments to doctors,” added McGrath. “Let the medical profession compete without the unfair advantage it has enjoyed since the days of Michael Savage.

“The Libertarianz Party believes that a perceived health need in the community does not relieve the government of its primary responsibility in protecting and upholding the private property rights of individuals.”

Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]
0273 222 907

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