Students Demand More For Nothing

31 January 2004 02:14:41


The NZUSA protest at Parliament calling for unemployed students to receive the dole over summer was condemned as “a mass exercise in scabbing and irresponsibility” by Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry. “These students seem to think that others should pay for their life-decisions. I say that nobody else is responsible for their choice to pursue further education other than themselves.”

Berry labels the event a “flatulent nonsense,” while he says that the ‘cardboard city’ erected outside Parliament by the protestors is by itself a “scabrous indictment on these students’ ability to help themselves.”

“Nobody forced students to attend university, so why do they believe they have a right to other people’s  money based on their university attendence? If a person makes a choice, they are solely responsible for it and they have no right to demand others fund it.”

Abraham Lincoln once observed that ‘the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.’ Berry comments that if this indeed holds true, then “there is every reason for people to be concerned about the future of this country. A student culture of scabbing and irresponsibility will further reinforce such a culture in governments of the future.”

Stephen Berry Libertarianz Deputy [email protected] 0210375720