Support Your Local Cannabis Farmer

17 November 2011 12:59:53

“Police are urging Bay of Plenty residents to report cannabis growers,” noted Luke Howison, Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman today.

“Looks like the Fun Police are out to shut down production again. But nobody really thinks they will make a dent in marijuana production. Cannabis is simply too popular; hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders use this enjoyable and relaxing recreational drug peacefully and safely.”

“If some growers have gang connections or guns, we can thank the War on Drugs. After all, you don’t see hop growers or tobacco farmers with illegal firearms or hidden plots.”

“It should be clear to all that the current system of harassing and arresting growers, sellers and users is a waste of police time and money. The only effective way to combat cannabis-related crime is to completely legalise cannabis. Libertarianz and the ALCP are the only political parties calling for this to happen.”

“This summer, if you grow or use marijuana, Libertarianz urges you to do so safely, on your own property, away from prying neighbours.”

“Kiwis who believe marijuana should be legal to grow, sell and consume should consider voting for Libertarianz in the upcoming election,” Mr Howison concluded.

Libertarianz Transitional Drug Policy key points:

  • Legalise all drugs safer than alcohol
  • R18 age restriction on drug sales
  • Moratorium on arrest for simple possession
  • Reduce other penalties

For more information see or contact:

Luke Howison
Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman
Phone: 027 314 3007
Email: [email protected]

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