Candidate 2011

Susan Ryder
List Candidate

Susan Ryder was born and raised in the Horowhenua. She left high school in 1980 with UE and, in spite of her teachers’ best efforts, a healthy loathing of left-wing, collectivist ideology. The next 15 years were spent working (which in itself sets her apart from a large number of New Zealanders), in many different places, doing many different things.

Since returning to New Zealand for good in 1995, the collectivist disease has gone from bad to worse… It became evident to me that it didn’t matter who was in power, the problems never improved. The public hospital waiting lists never shortened, the crime rates never decreased, educational standards plummeted and social welfare stats continued to blow out. I realised the core problem was not how the state works, but the state itself. In other words, the more the state does, the worse the problems become.

The only alternative were the Libertarianz. Their philosophy matched mine and it’s really simple. Personal freedom, personal responsibility and limited government. Who can argue with that?

Susan Ryder
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