Sus’s Sound-Bites

The wit and wisdom of Susan the Libertarian.

And below, as narrated by Leighton Smith.

07/05/10 — Employment figures improving?

I laughed ruefully when I heard smug Greg Boyd, on TVNZ last night, suggest that the recession was over because of improved employment figures.

Here in the provinces, I have noted that the majority of jobs have been govt jobs for social workers, youth workers and this-and-that trust. In other words, all make-work jobs funded by you and me to prop up the latest govt schemes.

Let me repeat those employment figures I related a couple of days ago – and these are *fact* in my small area here in the lower North Island:

1. 154 applicants for a receptionist position – CV’s were received from real estate agents and chartered accountants

2. 75 applicants for a dairy-hand position .. (the dairy farmer hadn’t received so much mail since the last IRD circular!)

3. More than 60 for an office job in a small factory

Once upon a time there would have been 6 – 12 applications for each job.

And the classic, related to me by a friend, so this comes second-hand but I have no reason to disbelieve her: Well over 400 applications to work in a pet shop in a provincial city in the upper North Island.

Settle down, Greg. Your excitement is unjustified.

05/05/10 — Wellington boffins: “We’re coming out of the recession.”

A smallish local company recently received more than 60 applications for an accounts position (in a provincial town). Once upon a time there’d have been a dozen, tops.

Another small private tertiary institution for which I recently worked temporarily, advertised for a full-time receptionist in March. They received 154 applications, including CV’s from chartered accountants and real estate agents — I repeat, for a receptionist position. They told me that it was soul-destroying having to discard applications from so many who would have been perfect.

A local dairy farmer recently advertised for a dairyhand … 75 applicants.

And a friend tells me that one of her clients reported that a pet shop in another *North Island centre recently advertised a full-time job for a shop assistant and received well over 400 applications! 400 applications to work in a pet shop!

Anybody in Wellington who says that we’re coming out of the recession needs to apply for a job in a small centre. Coming out of the recession? Don’t think so.


05/05/10 — UK Election.

The three major parties in the UK have much more in common, than not.

They are all essentially socialist – end of story.

03/05/10 — Political parties & principles.

LS: “The only political party that sticks to its philosophy is the Greens.”

Hoy! You’re forgetting the Libertarianz, my friend! If a measure is pro-freedom, we support it .. even if some of us might not personally like the particular issue – and if a measure is anti-freedom, we oppose it.

Let me give two quick examples of that: I might not like recreational drug-taking, but I realise that if somebody else wants to do that, it is none of my business, nor that of the state’s.

And I might not approve of corporal punishment, but I realise that parents must retain the right to discipline their children as they see fit, (subject to the usual protective laws – laws that were already in place, thank you, John Key). It is not the state’s business.

And as for the Greens remaining true to their principles, Sue Bradford maintained that she would “pull her (anti-smacking) bill” if it was compromised in any way. Well, it was compromised and she didn’t pull it. So much for remaining true. And just what smacking as a form of parental discipline had to do with Green party environmentalism is still a valid question.

They’re all charlatans .. and they’d all sell their grandmothers for the proverbial dollar. Shame on them all.

03/05/10 — Mining Protest & Gerry Brownlee.

On Saturday night’s news it was reported that 40,000 people marched in central Auckland .. and radio reports this morning are claiming a figure of 20,000. Big difference.

And in reply, Gerry Brownlee says that the anti-mining sentiment is “noted”.

Yet, the hundreds of thousands who marched in centres around the country against the Anti-Smacking Bill .. and then officially voted against the same unwanted legislation .. have been flatly ignored.

This idiot govt is apparently also persisting with the introduction of an equally-unwanted – and senseless – Emissions Trading Scheme, which is an act of fiscal madness.

So the ongoing opposition to the fascist Anti-Smacking Bill and the fiscally-insane proposed Emissions Tax is ignored … while the govt “notes” opposition to a smidge of mining by a Marxist-flavoured rent-a-mob who have probably never visited the proposed spots – and never will.

You and your govt are pathetic, Gerry.

14/04/10 — Unavailable until May.

13/04/10 — Joanne Wong.

Could somebody – anybody – explain why it’s taken nearly two years for the trial of the person accused of running down the young mother in the Manukau carpark?

Can you imagine the anxiety that poor family has been forced to endure for so long? Because I certainly can’t. It’s outrageous.

And what of the accused since he was charged. Has he been incarcerated all that time, or not?

12/04/10 — Section 15 of the Property (Relationships) Act, 2001.

You can add someone close to me to your list of female lawyers who would despise that piece of legislation (entitling the home-based party additional divorce/separation monies in compensation for lost career opportunities).

And you’re right about the ‘Remuera wives’ thing. It’s just the same in the desirable Sydney suburbs .. these painful bloody women who are only able to live the flash lifestyle because of their husbands’ incomes.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no problem with their husbands’ large incomes .. good on them. But I really begrudge their wives thinking that they’re better than working women on regular incomes. And yes, there are many who do so.

It must be so tough sorting out one’s daily social activities .. tennis, gym, lunch, shopping, hairdresser and beauty therapist, etc. (The house and kids are taken care of by an army of cleaning staff, nannies and gardeners, so that’s never an issue).

Yep. Definitely worth an extra $250,000 in compensation for a – cough – “lost career”, eh.

07/04/10 — Saving New Zealand.

LS: “What’s the one thing you would do to improve New Zealand?”

Dead easy. Slash govt to the bone. That would do two things: encourage real competition and allow people to keep much more of their own money.

And do I have faith in this govt to seriously do anything to see it happen?

Are you mad?! It’s socialist!