Tanczos Sees Folly of Regulation

19 January 2004 12:41:04


Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry commends comments from Green MP Nandor Tanczos regarding regulation of the hemp industry. Berry says, “Mr. Tanczos has identified the heavy weight of bereaucracy and compliance that could destroy New Zealand’s small hemp industry.”

Medsafe is the authority charged with regulating the hemp industry. It licenses growers, tests their crops and regulates what is produced. Berry says, “I also agree with Nandor that Medsafe has no business being involved in the hemp industry. Of course, unlike Tanczos, I’d say this about every other regulatory body in every other industry.”

Medsafe wish to charge a $550 fee for the licensing of hemp growers and to test the THC content of plants regularly, which costs an extra $300 each time.

Stephen Berry asks, “How did these people get the idea that they are right to do this? Why should they be allowed to charge people for growing what they wish on their own land? Worst of all, Medsafe expects hemp growers to fund their own potential incrimination, through charging them for the testing of THC content in plants. Even if the industry isn’t completely destroyed by this, the few remaining growers will have had theior property rights steamrolled.”

Libertarianz can appreciate the small progress being made in the liberalisation of laws surrounding cannabis related issues. “It is good that we have gotten this far,” says Berry, “but there is still much progress to be made. We cannot be satisfied until people are left to grow their hemp in peace, without being hounded and destroyed by bereaucrats and clipboard nazis.”

Stephen Berry
Libertarianz Deputy
[email protected]