Tariana Seeks Return to Stone Age

11 February 2005 03:01:00

Environment / Science / Maori Affairs

“Tariana Turia’s claim that allowing terminator gene technology will cause some mystical imbalance is primitive quackery that should be ignored” declared Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today.

“Genetic engineering technology is a tool of science, and as such should be neither feared nor banned, but understood,” says Darnton. “Tariana Turia’s ludicrous call that Mäori should be ‘involved in decision-making’ on this is no more relevant than asking Mäori whether antibiotics or surgical techniques used around the world should be available to sick New Zealanders.”

“Most Mäori do not go along with the Stone Age hocus pocus that Tariana Turia claims is the ‘Mäori world view,” notes Darnton. “They use all the assistance of modern technology that they can, and rightfully so,” he says.

“Turia’s claim that genetic engineering ‘will ultimately cause an imbalance, and in doing so, the link between our tikanga and the natural world will be affected’ is fatuous nonsense,” he says. However, he defends the rights of Turia and her mystic mujahideen to believe whatever they want, but he says their beliefs should not be allowed to interfere with the rights of other New Zealanders to use the technology if they wish.

Libertarianz supports the legalisation of genetic engineering within the limits of private property laws, and would promote the liberalisation of genetic engineering internationally. Libertarianz supports the government’s moves to overturn the international moratorium on the use of genetically engineered terminator genes.

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