Taxes Aren’t Good for Us, John!

10 July 2009 12:32:00

“John Key’s official holiday in Niue has so far included dancing, feasts and drinking kava. When Michael Jones described Noni juice as leaving ‘a bad taste, despite being good for you’, Key apparently said this was ‘A bit like raising taxes,’ according to The Dominion Post.”

“Hopefully that was just the kava talking, John. Raising taxes isn’t good for anybody but the Government! If raising taxes really was “good for you”, then we could just hike taxes to 95% and all be that much better off. But the reality is, individuals are much smarter at spending their own money than any government department could be.”

“In fact, if we were allowed to keep our hard-earned cash, we might be enjoying ourselves in Niue ourselves right now, rather than reading about John doing so on the taxpayers’ tab.”

“Libertarianz has a dream of slicing both taxes and government spending to the bone, leaving people free to spend and invest their own money however they wish. Unfortunately, lowering taxes, while good for almost everyone, would leave a bad taste in the Government’s mouth. So we aren’t holding our breath.”

“Regardless, John, I wish you all the best for the rest of your South Pacific holiday. In fact, stay as long as you can – the less time you spend in Parliament passing laws regulating bread and lightbulbs, the better off we’ll be.”

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