Teachers Union Afraid of Losing Grip

17 August 2012 10:34:18

“The Teachers Union’s predictable response to non qualified teachers being employed in charter schools is telling of their destructive philosophy.” Said Peter Osborne, a Libertarianz spokesman today.

He says, “Unionists by their socialist nature have a blanket distaste for individuality and instead feel that they are able to place New Zealand children into slots of one size and one shape. Ignorant of a basic facet of human nature that is our unique individuality, the Teachers Union will one day be cast aside as irrelevant. Their philosophy is inconsistent with healthy communication. While they hold the monopoly of influence over a state education system our children will continue to be misled of greater potentials.”

Mr Osborne continues, “It is difficult to see why the Union should feel so aggrieved over all things charter school as success or failure will be measured by uptake of parents who rightfully can take or decline the choice. No; The Unionists are more worried about maintaining control over the thought processes of our children and instilling their stunted outlook on continuing generations than laying a platform by which children are able to forge their own future potentials.”

Osborne concludes, “The libertarian approach to life is based on the non initiation of force principal. State education by its very nature is based on the use of force. Worse; it is inflexible and only succeeds in somehow mashing children’s minds into slots that don’t fit. Its days are surely numbered. We would separate state and education entirely. The unionist outlook would quickly be exposed as the backward, sacrificial, life inhibiting philosophy that it is. Only an uninhibited, free market has the ability to accommodate all requirements. It would also eliminate the grip that protection rackets such as the unions have on the education sector.