The Failed Welfare Experiment

24 May 2011 11:21:01

“New Zealand’s most destructive social policy promises more death and depravity to come,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare today, in response to released figures on child abuse.

Mr Osborne wonders how long the madness must continue before New Zealanders tell the government to butt out. “If the ‘Welfare State’ is a social experiment then it is time to call it off. The results are in. Unfortunately it is not an experiment at all but merely an avenue by which government may interfere further into our lives and an excuse to put their hands deeper into our pockets.”

“If we examine the concept of state instilled social welfarism, we will see that the results of child neglect, abuse and murder were always a strong probability. If you wish to degrade a person’s self worth, the first step is to make them dependent. The Welfare State achieves this on mass by downplaying the significance of going on welfare. It is a trap; a demotivator; an avenue to self devaluation and hatred. Now that it has become intergenerational we are seeing the worst that humanity has to offer: murderers and abusers of children.”

Osborne concludes, “What we need to realise is that the Welfare State is only a part of the greater problem of government control. From the information fed into our children’s minds to how we may fund our retirement. From what we may ingest into our own bodies to what we may peaceably do on our own properties. The contrived, permission-seeking existence we abide today does nothing to raise the human spirit. It is truly pathetic and I fear it will not be long before New Zealanders willingly accept CCTV cameras into their living rooms.”

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