The Growth is Falling!

21 July 2005 14:26:00


Libertarianz social welfare spokesman and Rodney Candidate Sally O’Brien is unimpressed with the dizzying spin on the release of recent social welfare benefit figures. New benefit figures as at June 30 show the number of working-age people getting benefits is now a staggering 290,466. A small drop in these numbers has Social Development and Employment Minister Steve Maharey beaming over the success of his policies. “However”, says O’Brien, “a drop to such a horrendous number is no great achievement when there are shortages of labour in every industry.”

Maharey also smarms that “Growth in sickness and invalid beneficiary numbers had been falling.” ” The growth is falling?” laughs Ms O’Brien, “This is really not funny. I’m sure most overburdened New Zealand tax payers can see through that spin: a child can divine what it means when the number on the unemployment benefit has dropped while the number on sickness benefit has grown.”

Whatever the numbers, Libertarianz says that taking money off hard workng New Zealanders for social welfare spending is immoral. Period. That is theft pure and simple. “We have no problem with individuals and private organisations helping people out,’ says O’Brien, “but compulsory funding through inept successive government buraeucracies ultimately has to be wound down as soon as possible.”

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