The Sex Industry Thought It Was Free…

30 September 2003 02:32:57


“The reform of prostitution laws appears virtually pointless if one looks at the draft bylaw governing the industry in Auckland, as proposed by Auckland City Council,” Libertarianz Deputy Leader Stephen Berry said today. “The conditions that could be imposed by this bylaw may even see brothels that survived under prohibition being shut down.”

Mayor John Banks has maintained that Auckland is “not the city of sleeze, it is the City of Sails.” To maintain this image, the mayor is prepared to trample over private property rights for the sake of his uptight, conservative conscience. Under the current draft District Plan, brothels will be unable to be located within residential zones or within 250m of a school, pre-school, place of worship, major public transport interchange, community facility or at ground level on retail frontages.

Stephen Berry is outraged at the draft bylaw. “The locations of other people’s private properties should have no bearing at all on what I use my land for! If I am not compromising my neighbours sovereignty, then the use of my land is none of their business. If church-goers are offended by brothels they shouldn’t enter them! I hardly think pre-schoolers will be walking 250m down the road to visit a brothel either. Conservatism has gone mad!”

“The Libertarianz answer, ” Berry says, “is to leave individuals and businesses to make their own choices and to exercise their own logic. The simple reality is that it comes down to property rights, not whether John Banks is sure God will approve of him. If you are not initiating force against a neighbour’s property, it is absolutely none of their business how you make use of your own.”


Stephen Berry
Deputy Leader, Libertarianz
[email protected]