The Welfare State Strikes Again

22 December 2010 21:42:00

“If Paula Bennett thinks that tinkering with New Zealand’s welfare system is going to do anything to reduce our child abuse statistics, she is dreaming,” says Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare.

“Ms Bennett ticks off all the initiatives her government has introduced to fix a list of problems that are a direct consequence of a compulsory welfare state. Instead of leaving New Zealanders alone to help people as we each see fit, Nanny State has institutionalised an area of life that is none of her business. The results are there for all to see; Children being born into lives of loveless misery thanks to Nanny’s pay to breed, incentive scheme. We are witnessing the results of yet another social engineering scheme that has been forced on us all.” “Most of us don’t have the wit to see things for how they are, which is testament to the mind conditioning centres we were all forced to endure as children. Why do we keep voting for this bullshit? Why do we crave safety at the cost of living the lives we were born to live? As we can see from this latest case of abuse, we actually receive neither.” He says, “Libertarianz recognises that state enforced social welfare is a cancer on the human spirit. The creation of and continuation of such a scheme shows a lack of understanding of human motivation. This is why we will hand the reins of welfarism over to voluntary charities. As well as this we will remove all of the burdens and taxes that government has forced upon us over the years. This will make earning wealth considerably easier than it is now.” “We will also get the government out of your children’s minds so that they will no longer fear the falsities that we have been conditioned to fear. Hopefully then we will stop voting in incompetent, overbearing, self serving governments such as we have today and instead start trusting our own judgement and that of those around us.”

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