This is ‘The Opposition’?

31 January 2004 02:01:58


“Attacks by National’s Roger Sowry on amendments to the Employment Relations Act are weak and meaningless,” says Libertarianz Deputy Stephen Berry, after Sowry called for the government to extend the closing date for submissions on amendments to the Employment Relations Act. 
“National is a party that claims to stand for individual freedom and choice. Yet, when faced with legislation that will further restrict individual freedom and choice, Roger Sowry lashes out with a feather duster. Custer put up a better fight at Little Big-Horn,” Berry says. 
“A press release issued by Sowry on January 19 did not contain one single word against the proposed industrial relations legislation. The only pitiful whines emitted were about the deadline for submissions on a piece of legislation which should not exist!” 
Libertarianz is opposed to any form of regulation by the state regarding industrial relations. “The conditions that an employer and employee agree to abide by in the workplace are the business of nobody but employer and employee,” Berry asserts. “The government’s only job is to uphold whatever agreements have been made by the involved parties. National is flip-flopping on this issue, just as it does on so many others. If this is the strongest opposition we have to Labour’s interference in our lives, then there is even more reason to be afraid.” 
Stephen Berry Libertarianz Deputy [email protected] 0210375720
More Freedom – Less Government