To What End, Compulsory Welfarism?

11 August 2008 15:50:00

“John Key has yet again emphasised the lameness of his party with the announcement of Nationals welfare policy,” said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Social Welfare Spokesman today.

He says, “Too anxious to utter an original or bold idea for fear of scaring the horses, we can only conclude that rather than formulating policy on principle he is more interested in trying to say what he thinks people want to hear. We yet to learn that it is due to this lack of principle displayed by successive governments that we now have entrenched high dependency levels, high crime rates and high suicide rates. The list goes on.”

“Where is the principle in forcibly extracting money off productive citizens and then dishing it out to the non-productive? If we are to have any hope of helping the down trodden in our communities it is imperative that we, at least, have opportunity to communicate directly with those to whom we choose to help. How else will we see that the recipients are actually tapping into their own personal resources to pull their selves out of the mire? How else can a welfare recipient ignite their spark than to comprehend that the help they are getting has come at a cost to a willing helper. Compulsory welfarism is self-perpetuating and it has turned what should be an individualistic problem into a faceless, stinking, dung heap.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz understands that helping others who are struggling may be a worthy and fulfilling undertaking – but not at the point of a gun. We understand that when government imposes its will over such issues then purpose and meaning are lost. We will transitionally and completely extract the state from welfarism to allow those who regard the importance of helping other in high regard the right to express their selves accordingly. Unlike the identical twins (National and Labour) Libertarianz understand that coercion has no place in a civilised society.

“It’s Enough to Make you Vote Libertarianz!”


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