Tobacco Verdict A Victory For Commonsense

05 May 2006 10:23:00

Health Deregulation

Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Richard McGrath today praised the High Court’s decision to disallow a claim for damages against British American Tobacco by the family of smoker Janice Pou.

“Justice Lang pointed out that the health risks of smoking were common knowledge before 1968 when Mrs Pou took up smoking of her own free will,” said Dr McGrath.

“As BAT have stated, their tobacco manufacturing business is perfectly legal – and rightly so – despite the efforts of interfering busybodies such as Hone Harawira to shut them down, throw their staff out of work, and deliver their industry to the criminal underworld on a silver platter.

“Although I don’t smoke myself,” added Dr McGrath, “it is a choice every adult should be allowed to make – in the knowledge that any resulting health problems remain the responsibility of the smoker.”

Richard McGrath
Libertarianz Health Deregulation Spokesman
[email protected]
0273 222 907

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