Top Yachties Don’t Need Welfare

23 April 2007 12:27:00

“Let’s hope Team New Zealand’s first defeat in Valencia isn’t a sign of things to come”, says Libertarianz Leader, Bernard Darnton.
“Whilst the Libertarianz party wishes Emirates Team New Zealand the best of luck, we cannot condone the waste of public money surrounding the event”.

“The taxpayer, courtesy of Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard, has been forced to fund this regatta to the tune of $34 million. They are
using stolen money to gamble, with no guarantee of success – if Team New Zealand fails to win the Americas Cup, we will see no return on this huge bet, paid for by the long-suffering taxpayer”.

“Where will it end?” Darnton asks. “We have artists on welfare, we have $100,000-dollar-a-year families on welfare, this government has even tried to put itself on welfare. We don’t need to put our top yachties on welfare as well.”


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