Treasury Incompetence or Labour Lies?

07 November 2007 12:01:00

“Is the Prime Minister misleading the Country or just hiring
incompetents to run New Zealand’s economy?” asks Libertarianz Leader,
Bernard Darnton. “On many occasions, Ms Clark has justified enormous
Civil Service salaries, telling taxpayers that their money must be
lavished on the best people available. Yet now, the Prime Minister
blames the lack of tax cuts in the past, on poor advice from Treasury

“Something doesn’t add up, Prime Minister,” muses Darnton. “Either
you have been hiring incompetents to run Treasury, on which you blame
this supposed poor advice, or you have been misleading the country,
and your promised tax-cuts really are an election bribe.”

“If the former is the case, I would expect to see heads roll at
Treasury – the Prime Minister must act decisively to maintain what’s
left of her waning credibility,” Darnton concludes. “If no Treasury
officials are dismissed, we will know the truth – the hinted promise
of a tax cut is nothing more than a blatant, desperate election bribe
from a panicked Prime Minister”.


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