Turia Disappoints Taxpayers

03 June 2003 02:45:54


Libertarianz spokesman Elliot Smith welcomes the Tariana Turia’s confession that “no-one could be more disappointed by the recent problems at Te Mangai Paho than Maori broadcasters themselves,” but suggests that there are at least one million others who are possibly more disappointed still – the taxpaying New Zealanders who have had no choice but to pay for another Maori broadcasting debacle.

Turia suggests that “some critics seem to feel threatened by independent [sic] Maori media,” but Smith says he is happy to correct Turia’s ‘misconception.’

“People are not ‘threatened’ by Maori media,” he points out. “They are pissed off that their hard-earned money is stolen from them by the government each week, only to see it disappear down an enormous, corrupt, and racist plug-hole!”

He asks Turia: “If you had the ‘strength and courage’ that you talk about then you would surely be open and honest, and speak out against the fraudulent gravy train at Te Mangai Paho. Wouldn’t you.?”

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