Unions’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost

07 December 2008 07:50:00

“The struggling American car manufacturers are in trouble in large part because of their over-paid, over-benefited workers,” said Libertarianz Spokesman Russell Watkins today.

“The United Auto Workers Union decision to ‘look’ at making ‘concessions’ to protect their jobs should have been considered before they started strangling the profit making ability of their employers. Maybe then GM, Chrysler and Ford would have been able to invest in making better, more competitive motor vehicles that consumers actually want to buy,” Watkins adds.

Watkins warns that, “Our local do-gooder, strangle-the-employer unions and hangers on should reflect on their so called achievements like 4 weeks annual holiday, maternity leave, increasing the minimum wage, and other such anti-profit initiatives when New Zealand employers start laying off workers over the next few years. It’s all well and good getting paid $15 per hour, but how much good is it when you haven’t got a job? At least you’ll have 52 weeks holiday a year.” Watkins concludes.

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