Urgent Spending Cuts Needed, Say Libz

14 October 2010 10:42:00

In the wake of an alarming statement by ratings agency Standard and Poors about New Zealand’s future, Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath said urgent cuts to government spending are needed if New Zealand is to avoid becoming an economic basket case.

“The population of elderly people is set to double in the next 40 years. Current entitlements are obviously unsustainable,” he said.

Taking a deep breath, Dr McGrath added: “The government should immediately take transitional steps toward a privatization of health, welfare, education, accident insurance, scientific research, sport, broadcasting, the arts, charities, aviation, housing, environmental property rights, fisheries, consumer research, trade, electricity generation, sewage services, rubbish collection, water reticulation, gas supply, railways, land information, transport, roading, agriculture, the maritime industry, the fire service, earthquake and fire insurance, the blood service, artificial limbs, forest research, food quality rating, gambling, postal services, symphony orchestras, walking, tourism, deer hunting, apartheid, land ownership, children, disabled people, drugs, property valuation, banking, superannuation arrangements, fishing, business mergers, Maori people, Pacific Island people, motor vehicles, women, weather forecasting, welfare, widgets and juveniles.”

“Our credit rating is heading toward junk status, our currency sinking next to the Australian dollar. New Zealand is fast becoming the new Greece. There will be riots in the streets when our debt level leads to cuts in welfare benefits and pensions. This can be avoided if our government acts now.”

Dr McGrath asked: “Are we any better off under the National Socialists than Helen Clark’s Labour Socialists? The answer is a resounding no. It’s time for voters to consider a political party that will cut spending, clear national debt and get out of people’s lives.”

“There is only one political party in New Zealand with a plan to do this. If you don’t vote Libertarianz, you are voting for more out-of-control government spending, more voodoo economics, and more delusional politicians taking more and more of your money and throwing it down a black hole.”

“This news from S&P is a heads-up for John Key. He and his party can meander down the same failed path that others before him have taken, or they can wake up to reality and make the hard decisions that will be even harder five years from now.”

The Libertarianz Party conference will be held in Auckland on November 13.

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