‘Voice of Helengrad’ Calling the UN

22 May 2003 02:38:35

Free Trade

“New Zealand has received a severe setback by being denied a Free Trade Agreement with the US,” notes Libertarianz spokesman Elliot Smith today, “and Helen Clark must surely realise that she bears sole responsibility for that denial.”

Smith continues, “She was warned during the war on Iraq that her loose tongue was damaging our trade relations with the US, and she didn’t listen. Now, because of the Voice of Helengrad opening her mouth and letting the wind blow, we can kiss goodbye to a Free Trade Agreement worth billions of dollars. Given the importance of free trade to this island nation, the scale of her failure cannot be overstated. She is a blundering fool.”

Smith suggests Clark’s acerbic comments attacking George Bush and the United States-led war on Iraq were solely in her own interest. “I believe that she was pandering to the United Nations in the expectation of an eventual sinecure there – following the equally cushy post-parliamentary berths secured by Upton, McKinnon, and Moore.

“She will go down in history,” Smith suggests, “as the Prime Minister who gained a secure retirement for herself at the price of wilfully selling out a trade agreement with the richest country in the world. This must be amongst the most treacherous and treasonous act of damage this country has ever seen, and the rest of us will pay the price.”

Smith concludes, “Resign, Clark, and resign NOW!”

It’s enough to make you vote Libertarianz.


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