Vote Darnton for a smaller Regional Council

25 September 2004 06:04:44


“I will work for a smaller, lower rated, less intrusive regional council” declared Wellington Regional Council candidate and Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today.

“Libertarianz supports private property rights, so I will work for a regional council that uses its RMA responsibilities in a way that respects private property rights to the extent legally possible, and does not interfere with people going about their peaceful business,” says Darnton.

“Further, I suggest the Council should give up dreams of expanding rail services and cease their plans to fleece ratepayers for new railway stations and trains.” he says. “Public transport should be provided commercially, and the council should cease having an interest in roading, as it is not its responsibility. Why should ratepayers subsidise people using train and bus services?” he aks rhetorically. “Uneconomic services should go, and fares should be allowed to increase to cover the cost of other services.”

“Libertarianz believes that regional councils ultimately should be abolished,” Darnton concludes, “so I will work to cut regional council spending and regulation to that which is necessary to protect private property rights and fulfill the council’s legal responsibilities, which means less rates, less regulation and less council.”


For more information contact:
Bernard Darnton
LIBERTARIANZ LEADER CANDIDATE FOR WELLINGTON REGIONAL COUNCIL e: [email protected] m: 021 324 466, p: +64 4 473 2639, f: +64 4 499 6042