Voting for More Parasites This Election

12 September 2005 09:21:00


“The complaint by the state-worshipping and misnamed Quality Public Education Coalition (QPEC) that Hard Labour’s increase in its Step Up scholarships does not go far enough is a stark reminder that the parasites amongst us are alive and very healthy,” says Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate Education today.

He says, “In their release, the QPEC bemoan the fact that hard Labour have ‘strayed from making high quality tertiary education available to all students as a right of citizenship.’ Apart from the fact that high quality and State education are a contradiction in terms, this statement shows how un-evolved those at QPEC really are.”

“Citizenship does not give anyone a right to other people’s money. Whether it is by outright theft at gun point or through taxation, theft is theft. The parasites at QPEC wish to normalise the philosophy of the looter and at present they are winning. We can thank state education for the fact that the ideals of the looter are alive and thriving in society today.” He says, “However, their philosophy will die as all parasites do when the host has no more to give. Sadly these vermin will suck the life out of the rest of us on their way to oblivion unless New Zealanders wise up to this reality.”

Osborne concludes, “Libertarianz are the only political party that rejects the looters’ mantra, in all its guises. We have a rock solid Constitution for New Freeland that protects everyone from parasites in all quarters and we have an education policy that will stop outright, politicians who wish to stunt the mental development of our children to suit their own base needs. Libertarianz will separate the state from education altogether. We recognise that political control of education is removing the incentive for our youngest citizens to find their strengths and to pursue their dreams. Instead replacing it with the dull, lifeless compliance mentality that allows parasites to rule and multiply. This is why New Zealanders are still too gutless to embrace life in its entirety; instead they will vote, yet again, another political sham into power to run their lives for them. All thanks to state controlled education.”

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