Waitangi Offers Chance to Challenge Racism

04 February 2005 00:17:00

Maori Affairs

With Waitangi Day fast approaching, Libertarianz Spokesman for Deregulation of Maori Affairs Tim Wikiriwhi suggests it a good time to review the race-based policies and race-based funding still being doled out by this government.

"Once again I and my fellow libertarians will be attending Waitangi to protest the government’s shameful policies of racial favouritism," says Wikiriwhi. "As we have been saying for many years now, it is well past time the Treaty and the state-sponsored apartheid it has engendered be abandoned in favour of a Constitution that clearly and without favour protects the rights of all New Zealanders, regardless of their whakapapa."

In the week it became apparent the police operate their own policy of racial favour, Wikiwihi goes on to list evidence of the government’s racial favour from just three Ministry websites:

Ministry of Health

Maori Health Scholarships

The purpose of the scholarships is to assist Maori to undertake or complete an NZQA accredited course of study in the field of health.

Maori Health Scholarships are open to any person who is: of Maori descent and enrolled as a NZ Maori at their institution of study"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – What are Aorere Scholarships?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers a number of scholarships each year to Maori students in the final year of their post-graduate or conjoint LLB degree. The scholarships are aimed at assisting Maori students through their final year of study and also to encourage Maori students to consider a career in foreign affairs and international trade.

Who can apply?

The scholarships are open to Maori students living in New Zealand who are completing their final year of a post-graduate (honours level or higher) university degree or a conjoint degree. You must be studying full-time at any New Zealand university."

Creative New Zealand

Te Waka Toi is the Maori Arts Board of Creative New Zealand. Maori artists are able to apply to Te Waka Toi for funding through five project funding programmes. Te Waka Toi also provides funding on an annual and three-year basis to Maori arts organisations, administers four special awards and two scholarships, and carries out initiatives.

"South Africa eventually saw the error of it’s ways," notes Wikiriwhi, "but when will New Zealand’s government’s stop buying the race vote with Taxpayers money?" asks Wikiriwhi. "Which New Zealand government will eventually put a stop to these racist policies?" "Join me protesting at Waitangi on the 6th of February, and tell this Government we no longer will suffer apartheid!" he concludes.

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