Welcoming Dick Quax to Liberty Conference

04 October 2012 06:41:20

Libertarianz Leader Richard McGrath is delighted to welcome Auckland City Councillor Dick Quax as a feature speaker at Liberty Conference this Saturday in Auckland. “Mr. Quax is one of the few individuals on Auckland City Council who resist total socialist subjugation of ratepayers and we are very glad that he has chosen to make a contribution to our conference.”

“We are especially appreciative that Mr. Quax has agreed to address our conference at such short notice as Cameron Slater sadly has withdrawn following the death of his mother. Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with Cameron and his family at this difficult time.”

Dick Quax, a two time Olympic medallist, is one of two councillors in the Howick ward. Mr. McGrath says “Following the launch of Auckland’s next local body political party, it is important that we identify those councillors who are already consistently opposing the big government council majority and work with them to ensure the defeat of the left in 2013. Our movement must ensure we don’t split the small government vote but instead grow further the number of councillors committed to a reduction in rates, regulations and spending.

Other feature speakers on the day include cannabis legalisation advocate Dakta Green and long-time stalwart of freedom, journalist Lindsay Perigo.

Liberty Conference 2012 is being held by the Libertarianz Party to examine the re-brand and launch of a new liberal movement in New Zealand. It is this Saturday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Auckland. To be part of creating political history, register for the conference at www.libertarianz.org.nz/conference-2012/

For more information, please contact:

Richard McGrath
P O Box 274
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