Welfare Working Group Needs to Look Outside

26 November 2010 21:42:00

“Before the ‘Welfare Working Group’ considers ways to improve our welfare system they would do well to consider whether, in 80 odd years, it has actually been of any benefit at all.” Said Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman for Social welfare. “In fact I would argue that it has quite possibly been the worst social experiment ever to be forced upon our population save the imposition of institutionalised mind control, otherwise known as state education.

“Welfarism is a declaration to all New Zealanders to wave the white flag at the first hurdle instead of utilising and discovering the individual strengths we may each possess. So much human potential is being destroyed by the welfare trap.”

“The purpose we face today is to attempt to reverse a truly shameful situation. Unfortunately it will take a lot more than a working group to do this, as it is not so much a social welfare problem but a systematic regime of interference and control.”

“For a start our hard earned wealth is confiscated to bankroll an out of control and bloated government. A government that has convinced us all that we can’t be trusted to make our own decisions and to negotiate our own terms of individual interaction. Every time a job is created our government feels that it is her business to dictate the terms. This means many jobs that would otherwise exist will never see the light of day.”

Because so much created wealth is poured down the state hole, business development, expansion and opportunity is lost to everyone. In short, what we are witnessing is a wholesale removal of opportunity from all of our lives. If this problem isn’t addressed first then none of the Welfare Working Groups ideas will amount to anything worthwhile.”

Mr Osborne concludes, “The point here isn’t so much what we can do to improve our welfare system but that it should never have been forced upon us in the first place. The well being of our fellow citizens is a personal motivation that provides opportunity for us each to show our own character. This is yet another opportunity lost to us, thanks to government interference. This isn’t what life is about. What a pitiful bunch we are that so much of our lives should be written for us by people who don’t even know we exist.”

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